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Friday Jan 5
Q: What word did Rich Hall use to describe "a word that isn't in the dictionary but should be"? For a bonus point, what cable TV show featured these words?

A: Rich Hall hosted the "Sniglet" segment of each Not Necessarily the News episode.

The man behind the Sniglet

Thursday Jan 4
Q: What necessary evil did Alfred Hitchcock label "a one-minute anesthetic"?

A: A "one-minute anesthetic" referred to an up-coming commercial. Hitchcock often poked fun at the advertisements during his self-titled show. Though the sponsors complained, his quips kept coming because the audience enjoyed 'em.

Hitchcock Sihlouette

Wednesday Jan 3
Q: Which of Steve Austin's appendages was not bionic? (Let's keep the answers clean, folks!)

A: Steve Austin's left arm was only human.

Six Million Dollar Man

Tuesday Jan 2
Q: I hope everyone had a good holiday. Let's start off the new year with another Haiku question. Remember, you get a bonus point if your answer follows suit:

Two ladies, one man,
Single apartment for all.
What was the city?

A: I got a lot of great answers to this one. Here's one of my fav's:
Jack, Janet, Chrissie,
Live in Santa Monica
Above the Ropers

Come and Knock on our Door

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