Adult Movie Breaks New Ground

LOS ANGELES, CA--Burlesque Video broke porn status quo this week when it announced the release of its newest feature film, Country Comfort. The film’s title is the first to break the long-standing tradition of using what the industry calls a "double entendre", or "double meaning."

"The working title Cuntry Cumfort just seemed too obvious; too passe" claimed director Steve Beckman. "We decided to let the film speak for itself, without relying on cheap, outdated tricks." The film’s innovative title has received high acclaim throughout the industry.

"Breaking society’s norms is what this industry’s about" claims AVN spokesperson Michelle Adams. "Not ten years ago, interracial S&M was considered too taboo for a full length feature. Today, it’s the number two selling fetish vid. Such innovation and creativity will continue to be hallmarks of this industry."

"This is not the same pornography your father enjoyed" adds producer Sly Fromann. "We’re continually experimenting with ways to improve our medium, artistically, as well as sexually."

The film’s innovation has not been without controversy, though. Many renters were confused when they saw the new video in the stores. "I wasn’t sure if it really was a porno, or if the guy just put it on the wrong shelf. You can usually tell, ya know?" comments Chris Azok, who later added "At first, I didn’t know if I should get it, but I’m sure glad that I did."

This is not the first Burlesque production to break new ground. Their ’97 release of Motel 69 featured a scene where Tony Steele did not sleep with the attractive housekeeper. More recently, in Ski Bunnies, Sindee Veil actually removed her high heels before intercourse.

Some members of the industry, though, are skeptical of the film’s innovation. Says Rick Anderson of Electric Avenue Productions, "If you ask me, [Burlesque] is just trying to cover up an obvious mistake. Their new title is more likely the result of a mis-applied spellchecker. If you want to see true innovation, check out our new "how-to" series starring Cindy Pink."

Accident or not, it’s clear that Burlesque’s continuing innovations will continue to stir excitement in the adult film world. Adds Sindy Avenue, "We’re gonna keep on shakin’ things up, so watch out!" Sindy plans to star in Secret Agent 68, due to be released later this fall.