Pi Symbol's Loyal Staff


Eric Pi with Opus Eric Pi

Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: Writes all Horoscopes, Top Ten lists, and news articles. Drew yet another math-related cartoon.

Greatest Accomplishment: Operated a rented bulldozer with ballet-like precision.

Life's Ambition: To resurrect his lawn after the above.



Big Dave, ready to party Big Dave

Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: Co-author of many Top Ten lists and Horoscopes.

Greatest Accomplishment: Lost 70 pounds in as many days.

Life's Ambition: To once again enjoy the wonders of Taco Bell.



Beth BeeBeth Bee

Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: On temporary sabbatical, replenishing her vast image-gathering skills.

Special Skills: Can predict the ending to any movie.

Life's Ambition: To own a VW Beetle decorated with her secret paint job.



TV Guy TV Guy

Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: Watches countless hours of television in order to come up with daily TV Trivia questions.

Greatest Accomplishment: Brought us The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Life's Ambition: To be commercial free.



Jeannine Monique Jeannine Monique

Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: Featured guest columnist who lives and breathes comedy.

Greatest Accomplishment: Discovered the secret identity of Captain Kid (but she's not telling anyone).

Life's Ambition: To have Ryan Stiles ask for her autograph.




Title: Specialist

Responsibilities: Head of Pi Symbol's Icelandic division.

Greatest Accomplishment: Managed to make the words ghetto blaster sound oddly sexy.

Life's Ambition: To get people to correctly pronounce her name.