Pi's Really Boring Personal Page

Floating Head

You've played TV Trivia, you've read the horoscopes, and you've learned about The Motherland. After all this, have you ever stopped to wonder about the man behind the laughter? Have you ever thought to yourself, "What makes Eric Pi tick?", "What is his family like?", "Are they a close family?", "What does he do for a living?", "What are his favorite boxers?", or, most importantly, "What does he look like upside down?" Of course you haven't. That's why this isn't the "Really Exciting Personal Page", it's the "Really Boring Personal Page".

On this page, I've put up pictures of my family and close friends. I'll tell you a bit about myself. There might even be a story or two. If you're interested... enjoy! If not, there are still plenty of impersonal yet humorous Top Ten lists to read. This page is updated often, so I hope to see you back here soon.

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