Russian Stories

Russian Stories

Gather 'round the campfire...

I have the privilege to work next to Mike (Mikhail), a man who was born and raised in Russia. Having served in the Russian Navy, lived in Siberia, defected to the USA, and worked for the CIA, he has a great many stories. He is the only person I know who had their appendix removed... without anisthetic! Whenever he begins "Vhen I was in Russia", people emerge from their cubes and gather around him in hopes of hearing another amusing tale.

Here, I re-tell some of my favorite anecdotes. Since I'm writing them from memory, some of the exact details may be distorted. However, the basic stories are true, and I have re-printed them as faithfully as possible, Please enjoy them as much as I have. by Pi

Note: Mikhail has recently tendered his resignation from our company, and I will truly miss working alongside him :-(   Though he will be moving on to greener pastures, he will no longer be able to treat us with tales of The Motherland. Before he left, however, I was able to get him to record a few last words, phrases, and thoughts, ranging from the interesting to the very silly. I'll put out more clips periodically until I run out. Please enjoy them.

Do svidaniia, Mikhail!

Russian Stories:
Russian Sounds:
Here are some sound clips I gathered from my (nearly) final conversation with Mikhail. More clips will follow soon...