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From our World Famous astrologers:
Wheel of Fortune Each week (or some semblence thereof) real people posing as astrologers try to determine your fate, often while sober. They're guaranteed to be just as (in)accurate as those other guy's 'scopes, but they're a lot more fun!
Horoscopes by Sy Ambercrombie, Advertising Exec (Updated 04/22)
Last Week's Horoscopes
Horoscopes by Dr. Sigmund Freud
Horoscopes by Tony DelPino, Auto Mechanic
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Humor not written by Letterman:
Top Ten Ways the Recession Is Affecting the Mafia
Top Ten Nicknames Soldiers Have for Their ...
Top Ten Signs Your're a Spy
Top Ten Signs Your Landlord Was a 70's Porn Star
Top Ten Signs You're Too Drunk at a Wedding
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TV Trivia:
TV Trivia Do you love classic shows like Gilligan's Island or Three's Company? We host a daily TV Trivia game that's lots of fun, no matter how much of your life you spend in front of the Almighty Tube. Come on in and join...

Silly Toys:
Jack in the Box - Now you can Calculate Pi in your very own home!
- Generate your own Random Numbers!
- Bored at work? Why not play masterpiece hangman?
- Like Meterology? Now you can monitor the weather in my house 24 hours a day.
Thoughts and Ideas:
Lightbulb Here you can find some miscellaneous thoughts, ramblings, and ideas that I've had. I may even include the occasional rant if I'm in the mood :-)
The Perfect Diner
Solving World Hunger

Russian Stories:
Russian Stories Take a look inside to hear some fun, amusing, and true stories from The Motherland.

In the news:
Newspaper Enjoy good satire? None of these stories is true, but they're all kinda funny.
Adult Movie Industry Shaken!
Six Million Dollar Starfish Found
New romance for Mary Tyler Moore?
New Compression Scheme to Revolutionize the WWW

Really Boring Personal Page:
Bored Did you ever want to know a little bit more about me? If you did, you can find it on my Really Boring Personal Page.

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